Awful Weekdays Puzzle

  • $10.95
Brand : Marbushka
Age Suitability : 5+ years
  • A 48 piece puzzle contained in a stunning box
  • Dimensions of completed puzzle are 21cm x 15cm

A Monster Has To Do Mundane Things Too!

The life of a monster may seem very exciting to those of us that love playing practical jokes and making people jump but, as this gorgeously illustrated puzzle shows, even a monster has to do ordinary things!

Monsters still have to make meals, have somewhere to live, look after their family and stay fit for their job of scaring people and so, just like the rest of us, annoying trifling tasks need to be dealt with.

This immaculate puzzle (designed and made in Hungary) will have your own little monster happily whiling away the time as they take a break from their daily adventures to sit quietly and piece together this picture. From the moment they open the stunning box littlies will delight in the quirky scene that unfolds as they gleefully place each piece... Will they start with the Monster having a bath, the Monster cooking dinner, the Monster entertaining the baby monster in the highchair (with none other than a run-away chicken!) or the Monster keeping fit by doing some boxing training in the basement?... Only time will tell!

You would be hard pressed to find an age appropriate puzzle that is so appealing. After all, who wants to put together an ordinary jungle or farm puzzle when you could put together such a fun and eye-catching scene?  With much thought having gone into the illustration, little ones (and fun-loving adults) will appreciate not just the friendly looking monsters themselves but, the finer details of the image... the full moon appearing through the dead tree, the crow perched above the sign outside (featuring a black cat of course!), the cobwebs hanging from the ceiling, the shutter hanging off its hinges and the wall decorated not with an ordinary picture but an old fashioned battle axe to name a few! 

Bringing life and a sense of humour to monsters, this puzzle plays on not letting everyday tasks get you under and keeping a smile on your face even during those 'awful weekdays'.

Beautifully presented in an equally eye-catching box, the Awful Weekdays Puzzle is a sure fire winner if you are looking for a unique gift that will be appreciated for its play value and sense of humour (particularly for those hard to buy for little boys that we want to quietly entertain!)  

A Little About Marbushka
The ideology behind this Hungarian toy company is to make products that are beautiful to look at, fun to play with and cherished for generations. Not only do their products talk to our aesthetic senses, but also to our inner child. Founded by Beatrix Bohony and Laszlo Zold (wife and husband) both formerly active in the field of graphic design and fashion photography (little wonder then that their range is so visually stunning!), Marbushka hope that their high quality toys will be passed on from one generation of children to the next and aim to create unique, artfully illustrated pieces that inspire imaginations. Marbushka toys are produced primarily by hand, using environment-friendly materials (wood, paper, semi-precious stones), because they believe that the culture manifested in the objects around children is just as important as the education with which they shape their intellect.  Having focussed exclusively on developing toys and games since 2010, they have been gaining worldwide appeal and their visually pleasing concept has been awarded several times.

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Awful Weekdays Puzzle
Awful Weekdays PuzzleAwful Weekdays PuzzleAwful Weekdays PuzzleAwful Weekdays Puzzle
Awful Weekdays PuzzleAwful Weekdays Puzzle


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